Youth Fitness and Sports Training, Surfside, Miami, Florida

JEM Youth Fitness and Sports Training in Miami, Florida.

personal trainer for kids in Miami Beach Florida

JEM’s customized Kid’s PlayShops, Teens Adolescent Advantage, and Sports Training gives youths a head start in South Florida.

Children experience FUN with playful movement-based exercises they naturally enjoy doing. ​

personal training and fitness expert for kids exercise classes and sports play in miami
South Beach personal trainer for kids and adults in Miami

JEMTeens enjoy fitness and sports training without peer pressure.​

Parents recognize a more creative, fitter, happier, and smarter child as a result of JEM’s programs.​

Fitness trainer and kids team sports exercise classes in Miami Beach

We have programs to fit all different age ranges

with the right education we can custom tailor a program where you can get in shape and clear your mind so that your child has better attention spans and isn't sitting around at home all day long.

JEMKids learn to refine their motor skills, develop more body awareness, and learn movements that are closely related to their individual development/growth patterns.

jem fitness personal training programs are locally available in the miami beach area

We focus on elements of the youth’s fitness. We refine existing motor skills, develop movement, coordination, posture, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and core strength.

we can handle groups of kids for sporting activities in the miami area

JEMSports’ programs are based on 20 years of youth training experience with boys’ and girls’ baseball, softball, basketball, soccer and football teams.

health and fitness experts, personal trainers, and kids sports coach for team play in miami beach.

JEMFAST operates under the philosophy that everyone can be fit and healthy. Whether young or young at heart, an individual, or a team; our programs are designed to benefit everyone.


JEM customizes fiitness and sports training programs for kids, teens and adults. ​

fitness classes for children, teens and kids in South Florida
with an emphasis on sports education and personal training, we get your kid fit and back in shape

JEMKids are healthier and less likely to develop obesity-related health problems. ​

your obese and overweight child will learn how to get fit by playing sports and exercising outdoors on the beach with other kids his or her age

JEM FAST operates under the philosophy that everyone can be fit and healthy. ​

JEM's youth programs are based upon 20 years of fitness training experience with boys and girls. ​

we give one on one personal trainer attention to your boy or girl to make sure they are playing sport games safe and politely.